Thursday, February 3, 2011

I really love my kids

They drive me crazy, of course, but I am still floored by how smart, funny and quirky they are.

Now you may recall that Fred has a seriously screwed up schedule at work, but he still gets up every morning to take the boys to school. If he didn't do this, he wouldn't get to spend time with them until the weekend. As a bonus, I get another hour of sleep, but don't really see the boys until dinner.

Due to last night's weather, he didn't get home until almost two, and then didn't make it to bed until much later. When the alarm clock rang this morning, he rolled over and asked if I would take care of the boys this morning. So I did. (ouch...I strained my arm, reaching around to pat myself on the back....)

So I got the boys up and I made lunches, hot chocolate and toaster waffles. I drove Owen to school and then arrived back at home to make sure Freddy caught the bus.

As I walked in the front door I found Freddy and Menace (the Manx) at either end of the sitting room sofa looking at each other.

M: What's going on?

F: Kitten and I were just having a chat.

M: Anything interesting?

F: We were just discussing why she will never win the Nobel Peace Prize for her groundbreaking work in Physics.

M: Her research into window cords is really remarkable.

F: Outside of feline community her work in string theory goes relatively unnoticed.

Seriously...this is what I live with. Did I mention he wants to be a writer?