Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This week is Screen Free Week...the week where we think about doing less passive screen things (like TV) and more creative things...preferably without a screen.  But we all know that this is becoming increasingly impossible. 

I just came back to work after being "away" for a conference in Fort Worth.  I was gone from Wednesday through Tuesday.  I had 600 emails.  Of course my mailbox was full, which meant that I had to clean before I could even reply to a single one.  Good news/bad news for all of those listserv posts.


Then there were assignments given by the big boss that are due tomorrow.  Do you think she would buy the Screen Free line?  "Sorry, I am doing less passive screen activities this week. Too bad. So sad." I can imagine the reply ala Donald Trump.

You're fired! 

Well, I managed to sort through the emails and reply where needed.  I even did some good research.

I was pretty plugged in.

I have also read some really good books, and thought some really odd thought including how much I miss blogging. 

In other words, I am thinking about becoming more plugged in, not less.

But I think the key here is "passive screens." Blogging, photo shopping, film editing...etc are all very active ways to create something new using your brain, imagination and...technology.

It's not all bad. 

Just go out and smell the roses once in a while.  Feel the sun on your face and take a walk. 

I did this morning.

Oh...and if you are in the market for a book discussing the importance of unplugging, consider DOUG UNPLUGGED by Dan Yaccarino.