Monday, January 5, 2009

Pictures to Words

My friend Heather, from Picture Perfect, has taken over a new venture. I had seen a few blogs with this title and even posted one or two, but plan on being more active in participating in Pictures to Words (link) . Each week a photo will be posted and bloggers are encouraged to create text to set the stage, strike a chord, or poke some fun. The object is to be creative, express yourself and have fun.

This week's entry and my contribution:

The Wall - A Monologue

What the…?

How did that wall get here…again?!?

I don’t understand. Every day I leave my house at the same time. I take the same path and each and every day I run into the same wall….

It just doesn’t make any sense!

What am I supposed to do with this wall blocking my path?

(looks left, looks right)

Who knows how far this wall goes either way. So it’s not like I am going to find a way around it. That would be just silly!

(hands on hips, lips out in a pout while assessing the height of the wall)

And it’s not like I am going to bring tools to scale this puppy either.

Maybe I don’t really want what is on the other side of this anyway.

(Trudges off back the way she came…)

Maybe tomorrow it won’t be there.

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