Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm all thumbs

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Ok...since you insist, I'll give you the good news.

My knee is better! Hooray! I just woke up one morning and it was good. I had been better about wearing shoes and have started taking glocousamine (?) so I don't know if that is what has helped, but either way...I'll take it!

My latest ailments...well, I have disabled BOTH of my THUMBS. On the same day too.

Sunday morning I woke up and let the puppy do her business outside, while I put a pot of coffee on. Next thing I know she is doing that panicked puppy cry.."Aik! Aik! Aik!" I dashed outside to see what was wrong and found her little foot stuck in the rack shelf on the bottom of the grill. I reached over to help free her foot and CHOMP!

I was in shock. She really bit hard! I know it isn't her fault, but now I have puncture marks on my thumb and a pierced thumb nail. I will spare you and not take a photo.

Sunday evening I was making chili and chopping onions. I guess I was holding the knife improperly, since my other thumb was throbbing and wrapped in a bandage.

You guessed it. I chopped more than onions. I seriously thought I needed stitches, but Fred thought otherwise.

So now I have both of my thumbs bandaged. I got in to see the doctor yesterday and when I explained my Sunday to the nurse, she laughed. Then when she left the room, I heard her explain my wounds to the doctor. They had a nice chuckle at my I shouted: " I can hear you!"

I ended up with a tetanus shot, antibiotics and some freaky news.

1) The nail the dog bit will fall off and when it does I need to be very careful about the bed of the nail. He said if I ding it up too much I may end up with a warped finger nail.

2) The portion of my finger that was cut by the knife will turn black and fall off. He said this is normal and that there will be new skin below it, but he wanted to warn me so I didn't freak out.

Too late.

Texting has been torture.

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