Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"I am not a fan of Office Depot," or "How one hour can turn your day upside down."

Well, I think I mentioned that I had to revise my dissertation's Table of Contents, right?  I needed to add dots.

I finally got around to doing that last night, since I was going to drop the corrected pages (two copies each on resume paper, and one on plain) to the Graduate School this morning. 

I corrected the pages and then uploaded the files to the Office Depot website for printing.  I figured I would pick them up in the morning on my way to school.

Now my school isn't necessarily close by. It takes about 45 minutes to drive there, so I try to be efficient and multi-task while there.

So...here was my plan for the day. 

8 am - Pick up paper from Office Depot

8:15 - Pick up flowers for my professors

9 - Arrive in Denton and the Graduate School.  Drop off paper and drop off flowers.

9:30 Meet with fellow librarian regarding some TLA* stuff

11 - drive back to work.

Now, Fred will tell you that I like to plan things to the nth degree.  He is pretty much correct about this.  I do like to plan.  That doesn't mean that I can't roll with it when needed, but it makes me cranky.

This is what my day actually looked like:

8 - arrive at Office Depot.  Are my pages printed?  Nope.  Is the computer that contains the files, or the printer even turned on or fired up? No.

9:10 - leave Office Depot, cursing their name.

9:12 - Call my 9:30 apt and tell them I will be late...like 30 mins late

9:30 - when I should have been done with most of my day and at a meeting, I leave Central Market with flowers.

9:50 - curse the truck in front of me for driving 10 miles BELOW the speed limit on a two lane road.  The speed limit is 65!!!!! He was doing 50!  This is TEXAS...everyone drives 15 miles faster than the speed limit, not slower!  MOVE!!!!

10:01 - arrive at meeting.  Have a really good jalapeno biscuit which makes me smile and makes me want to drive back to Denton to have another.

11:10 - leave meeting and head to University.

11:30 - all pages and flowers dropped off and back on the road to work. 

12:10 (10 minutes late) I arrive at work. 

From all the stress and rushing I have a killer headache.

And I want another jalapeno biscuit.

*TLA.  - Texas Library Association.  I am going to be talking about this a lot.



Erin and Neil NoneOfYourDamnBusiness said...

I have had problems with Office Depot, too. I'm sorry it was stressful!

River Girl said...

You're such a good person.

River Girl said...

You and me both.
It drives my Fred crazy.

River Girl said...


Marianne Librarian said...

Mmmmm. Really good biscuits! Which is a rarity! I had some strawberry jelly on one half, and honey on the other. Sooooo flaky....soooo good.

I need to drive back to Denton!

Julie & Steve said...

Same here.

crabby man said...

wheres my biscuit??

Luxy (Monica) said...

What a morning....

Marianne Librarian said...

I HAVE to go back to Denton on Thursday...I will bring you home one.

Neil Hook said...

Are you sure this didn't contribute to the headache?

Neil Hook said...

Are you sure this didn't contribute to the headache?

doug noakes said...

Darn those out-of-state drivers!

I always lean out the window with slow drivers in front of me and shout out "Go back to Delaware!"

(Even if they have Arizona license plates.)

doug noakes said...

Now I know where all the laid-off postal workers went to...Office Depot!

Marianne Librarian said...

I know...they say bread is bad for you...and this was bread and sugar.

I am going to test your theory and go back tomorrow, which is going to be a good day since it is the day I pick up my CAP AND GOWN and GRADUATION TICKETS!!!!

Neil Hook said...

Hooray! And congrats too.

Marianne Librarian said...

I went back this am and had another biscuit.

No headache.

It seems that it was entirely the fault of Office Depot.

Julie & Steve said...


crabby man said...

Where is mine

Marianne Librarian said...

I was going to bring you one but you didnt' want to wait for a cold buscuit.

Remember...we had that conversation? You were going to get one on graduation day, right?

crabby man said...

I would have gotten you one