Friday, January 4, 2013

On the twelth day of Christmas my true love said to me....

It's time to take down the tree.

I love Christmas decorations.  That's pretty apparent as you walk about my house.  We had people over for Christmas Eve and several ooohed and ahhhhed over my decorations.  Which struck me as funny.  What...everyone doesn't affix lights to every available surface? It IS JUST ME?

Oh.  I had no idea.

And I know this is wrong of me...on safety levels and electric usage levels, but we don't turn them off.  My twinkle lights on the mantle, up the stairs (even though I don't currently have a bannister) and over doorways, have been running continuously throughout the month.

So now is the day I dread.  The removal of the lights.  The boxing of the Santas and Snowmen. The closing of the season.

This removal of stuff, coupled with the New Year and the time for making lists of what needs to get done soon; well, they are just a bad combination. Because here is what I think when I remove all my sparkly stuff:

Gosh I really need to paint the "_________."


nomadtraveller said...

For us, the twelfth night is tomorrow night (as the grandkids that haven't even seen the blooming decorations are coming at last tomorrow). But I heard on the radio this morning that Christmas is actually 40 days (don't know where that came from - presumably to take in advent and Orthodox feast days), so I think we're OK. We've already started redecorating though . . .

MariannetheLibrarian said...

I typically wait til Epiphany, but I have to work this weekend, and then Mon-Fri, so it was now or never.

Fred came home from work and sighed "I missed our house. It is so nice having things back to normal."

All I can say is we need to buy more lamps. It seems dark.

Have fun with the grandkids Neil!

nomadtraveller said...

On the other hand, we had our first hot cross buns for tea yesterday. Clashed a bit with the Christmas decorations. Yes, I can imagine how magical it looked with all the lights (and how dingy it looks without)! I guess our living room will look a bit plain too after we take down the tinsel and Christmas cards.

MariannetheLibrarian said...

Oh...Hot Cross Buns.

I went to our British Emporium today to see if I could find some Jammy Dodgers, but they were all out. I got some shortbread instead, but a hot cross bun sounds good.