Tuesday, May 27, 2008

7th Heaven by James Patterson

Yes, I know.

No one really knows who is writing what with JP anymore. I know that his ghost writers are getting, well, not equal billing, but at least some cover time. This book is co-written with Maxine Paetro. I wonder if she will "inherit" the series in the same way that Vinvent Lardo inherited the McNally Books from Lawrence Sanders. Note: The McNally books were one of Fred's favorites but he feels that you can really tell where Sanders left off and Lardo began. Other people must feel the same since there hasn't been a new book since 2004.

Ok...well then. Same characters; new killers; a missing person secondary case; an additional stalker bad guy thrown in for some flavor and tension between Joe, Lindsay Boxer and her new-ish partner Rich. No records are set and no new territory is covered. Just a nice relaxing read.

Good for vacation or by the pool...not for a book club. Makes for a light blog too.

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