Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That's our boy....

Fred has had a rough week at work and has ended up staying late these last three nights. I worked Tuesday at the library and tonight I taught class.

I tell you this, to explain why Fred, Owen and I are up at 10 pm finishing up the 3-D model of an animal cell.

While we are hot-glueing and cutting fun foam up in the living room, Dinner Impossible is on the background.

Tonight's challenge is to create an Irish-Asian fusion menu for a wedding. The bride is of Chinese/Japanese heritage and the groom Irish.

As the challenge draws to a close, the bride is walked down the aisle. Robert Irvine does a voice over saying "It's every fathers dream to walk his daughter down the aisle in a white dress!"

Without missing a beat Owen chimes in: "Well, that all depends on who she is walking down the aisle to..."

We are sooo proud!

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