Monday, April 23, 2012


Here's how it works. 

You give your committee your paper. 

They get to read it for two weeks.

Your defense date is posted and open to the public.

You convene before your committee and anyone else who is interested, where you present your paper. I did a Power Point that I will gladly send you if you have any interest.

The public is asked to leave.

Your committee grills you.

You leave the room.

They talk about you.

You come back in and

they tell you if you have passed or not.


For the record...I asked Fred not to attend.  It's just that your spouse knows you as a different person. 

You know Fred.  He doesn't listen.

Not only did he stay for my presentation, BUT, they didn't ask him to leave when the rest of the audience left. (Actually there were only two others present aside from Fred and the committee and they both left because they had classes to take or teach).

He got to watch them question me and then waited with me while the deliberated.

Presentation: 30 mins.

Questioning: Another 30

Waiting in the hallway: 5

Wrap up, including the edits they wanted: 25.

90 minutes.



Jim Westlake said...

I'm not sure I could cope with that. It probably doesn't matter since it's highly unlikely I'll ever do a PHd. so I guess I'll not be worrying about it.

Congratulations again by the way.

River Girl said...


River Girl said...

You keep saying it's done.....but I'm getting the feeling it won't let go.

Marianne Librarian said...

did you see the next blog?

River Girl said...

I knew it.