Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On a lighter note....

So, I work in a public library that is HEAVILY used.  On a typical day every available table and study room is full to bursting with people using our electricity and free wi-fi.  We average 500-800 people visiting a day and considering how small our building is, well, it always feels full.

Right now, (not quite 3 p.m.) all of our public PCs are full and there is a waiting list.  A middle aged man just came in and powered up his laptop and while he was in the process of plugging in the power chord, before he even signed on, the DVD or streaming video he must have been most recently watching, started to play.

As I said, he hadn't unlocked the computer, so there was nothing was running on his screen, but the sounds of orgasm filled the air at high volume. 

When I approached the man and told him that this was not an acceptable noise level for the library he did the usual song and dance..."I have no idea what that was."

Uh, right.



Julie & Steve said...

Hahahaha... yeah right. I'm surprised he didn't run out the door.

These people OUGHT to be red-faced and run out the door!

Marianne Librarian said...

It's always something fun at the library!

People will typically surprise you...and hardly ever in a good way.

Luxy (Monica) said...


Jim Westlake said...

Most of the stuff I'm studying is around contingency planning and emergency response. The only certainty is that no matter how good your plan is, some person will rot it up and it will most likely be a staff member that should know better!!!!

Barbara Corfield said...

You Made my Day... even though it is at the end of the day... I laughed so loud.. "OH.. I have no idea what that was..." Hahaaaa.. And of all places to come to the Library to watch this type of smut. With all the Children wondering around,, they may have noticed it..

Ken Lewis said...


Tori Bri said...

hahah okayyyyyyyy..

River Girl said...

Too funny.
But here's what disturbs me.....all the rooms and tables are full becuase they want free wi fi?
What about the books?

Sally S said...

Ummm, yeah.
Tell me more about your library. Is it so heavily used because it is in a great location? An impoverished area? What does the library do to draw them in and make their presence known?

Marianne Librarian said...

I just did a walk around. All 15 of the public computers are filled.

Every table has at least one person sitting at it. Most of the comfy chairs are filled as well. During a busier time there will be people sharing tables. They all have their laptops with them...so yes, it is free wi-fi and electricity that they are after and a cool, relatively quiet place to study.

People check out plenty of books as well.

In March 19,000 people visited the library, checking out 32,303 items (books, DVDs, CDs). 2,568 people logged onto our public computers. We currently have no way of tracking wi-fi usage.

881 people attended storytime in March.

Those are the numbers just for my small little location. The Central Library does double our business.