Monday, December 1, 2014

A Very Marianne Follis Thanksgiving

As your children get older, having a family meal becomes a logic problem

1) Madelaine works at Mimi's Cafe Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning
2) Madelaine works at Silver Fox on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening
3) The boys work at Silver Fox on Thursday evening
4) Fred works on Friday night and most of Sunday
5) I am working to cover for my boss from 9-2 on Saturday.
6) Zach, Madelaine's significant other need to be at a gig on Satuday at 9.

Good thing I am great at logic problems.

Fred put the turkey in at noon and the house smelled wonderful when I got in from work. We set the table, fixed the sides and had everything ready by 5:30.

It was actually one of the nicest Thanksgivings I can remember. We lingered over our dinner, and then retired to the living room for dessert and more chat.  The whole thing was over in 2.5 hours and the only tension was when the boys teased Zach about being FIBL II.  FIBL stands for future brother in law, which was their nickname for Mad's longest term boyfriend to date.  Zach wasn't bothered, but Mad was.

Here is the gang.  Of course I am taking the photo.

(Madelaine has darkened her hair again.  I think she does it just to bug me.)

The cherry on top was spending Sunday morning and afternoon with friends at a crafting brunch.  There were mimosa and fritattas and decoupage.  What more can you ask for?

I also get a kick hearing them curse me under their breath for my crafting prowess.  I will post photos of my finished product, but they aren't done yet.

Here we are, with our hair is back because, well, crafting is hard work.

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