Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's not easy being green. At least that is what Kermit tells us.

(PS...I'm not singing.)

So, my computer was being buggy and I got caught up in a project at work and then I turn around and find that I am surrounded by soggy, marshy, bug infested ground. Now I am being bit and itching and so distracted by the mud sucking at my feet and the gnats buzzing around my head that I can barely think, much less move forward.

I will be up late tonight working on the following projects (in no particular order):

1) A mum for my son to give his "girlfriend." (see that's how busy I have been I haven't yet blogged about the GIRLFRIEND!!!!

2) An assignment for my reading class

3) Grading

4) Doing a good copy for an ethics paper

5) Buying a bag of nuts for a visiting author (I don't ask)

6) Going clothes shopping with my six foot tall son in search of jeans

7) If I go shopping for jeans for Freddy, Owen will remind me that he needs sneakers...and he does, so that is added to the list.

8) Writing up talking point notes for a speech I am giving tomorrow to the Rotary Club. What does one wear for lunch at a country club?

If you need me...text me. I won't be blogging tonight.