Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I will never understand.

Every third Sunday of the month, our library hosts P.A.W.S. (Pet Audience Wins Skills). This is a literacy program which pairs non-judgemental therapy dogs with children who may need additional help in reading. The thought process behind the program is that the child will feel more comfortable reading aloud to someone who is not their peer.

We have 5 dogs, who donate an hour of 15 minute shifts. There is a large chocolate Lab named Jake; an older mixed breed named Daisy, a soft fluffy white Border Collie mix named Paisley, a retired Greyhound named Audi and a fashionista Schnauzer named Mocha.

This weekend I got word that someone tossed anti-freeze infused food into Mocha's yard. She and her sister died from the poison and the police are busy investigating.

Mocha's mom, Pam, is heartbroken, but has taken in another rescue dog and is working to train her to be a therapy dog.

Please send good thoughts out her way.

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