Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rosco Report

I recently posted some photos on Facebook, including the one of Rosco the day we got him.

I thought I would update you on his growth...

Here he is.

hweenpool 020

You have seen previous videos of Rosco diving off the side of the pool to get his orange retrieval toy...well, he is quite confused about what is happening to his favorite toy...the pool.

While I was taking photos of the pool...he was chasing me around with the retrieval toy dropping it at my feet. hweenpool 022He Finally got tired of me not playing and decided to do it himself.

hweenpool 023

He dropped the toy into the pool...then climbed down the steps to fetch it for himself.

hweenpool 024

Seeing that there was a new game afoot, I played along. I dropped it into the water...and again, he went down the steps to fetch it. I knocked on the glass door and asked Fred to come on out to see. Rosco and I went through the routine again...then Fred had a turn. He tossed the toy into the 6 inches of water...and Rosco flew through the air...

He came out with a limp, which has since gone away. We stopped playing that game but it does go to show...That dog will do anything Fred tells him to do.

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