Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cranky Old Woman Blog...

I guess I am getting old. I am also getting crankier with age, which makes me sad. But maybe it isn't just me. Maybe I have a right to some of the crankiness I have been feeling lately.

For example: I went to WalMart the other day to pick up three items. I found them and went to the register with the least amount of people. I bypassed the self check because one of the items I purchased had a security strip. There was one man ahead of me and he only had a single item. Score! I will be out of there quick.

Turns out the woman standing behind the register, was just re-stocking bags. The cashier took her time walking over to the register and began to tidy up. She checked that all of the bags were positioned just so. She moved some of the fliers that were lying about. Then after a minute or so, rang the man in front of me up. It was my turn.

Guess what? She proceeded to count EVERY SINGLE BILL in her till. She looked over at me and said..."Sorry...I am just signing on to this till." Now I am a patient person. I used to work a cash till. I understand that she wants to make sure she has what she is supposed to have. Then she turns on her little light over the register and calls the manager over. She needs change. If she had started to count the change I think my head would have exploded. Nope...she didn't, but while she was waiting for the manager, she made all of her bills face the right way.

Cut to the next day at the gas station. I went inside to pay cash. The man behind the counter was...I kid you not...picking his nails...he looked up at me and said..."I'll be right with you..." Wait a beat....wait a beat....wait a beat....wait a beat....wait a beat....wait a beat. He finally looks up at me and says "Yes?"

Being a cranky old woman, I said: "I'll be right with you." Then I stared off into the distance for a couple of minutes. He gave me a look. I didn't really care.

Then I got my gas.

Seriously. What's up?

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