Friday, December 19, 2008

The Perfect Gift....Jesus!

There are times when I miss my former place of employment acutely. Mostly when I want to talk to one of my friends, formerly co-workers, immediately.

For the longest time, I wondered if I loved being a librarian or if I just loved being a librarian with the great group of people that I worked with. I have found my answer but I still miss my friends.

My office mate Amy is a prime example. She gets my slightly offbeat sense of humor. She knows why I will laugh uncontrollably at something. I can't tell you how many times we would end up in tears we would laugh so hard. I really miss that.

That's why, when walking through Kohls the other day I laughed out loud. I found the perfect gift for Amy!

I chuckled all the way to the register. When the young man, with funky hairdo and Buddy Holly glasses checked me out, I laughed again. Thinking I was another stressed shopper gone off the deep end, he gave me a look. "Jesus is a gift" I said. "Do you want a gift receipt?" he deadpanned. "No...she needs to keep Jesus." "You can't really return God can you?"

Ah...someone else gets me.

My only regret is that he isn't plastic. That would have made this the absolutely perfect!

jesus 009

I am meeting her for lunch today. I am looking forward to laughing til I cry over Jesus.

It is good to have friends that understand...

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