Monday, December 29, 2008

How good can it be if they are giving it away?

So if you go to Starbucks on Tuesday, you can pick up a coupon for a free iTunes download. I see the little cards lying there, but rarely pick them up. I mean, nothing good is free right?

Have I mentioned that we have a communal computer for iTunes? Well, when I recently updated my BRAND NEW, LOVELY PURPLE IRIS iPod Nano, I got this song....

The song has really grown on me...I especially love the mariachi band chorus.

I was playing this song on the docking station when Madelaine walks into the kitchen (during the mariachi chorus): What ARE you listening to? Me: It's Noah and the Whale. I thought you downloaded it? I like it alot! Mad: Oh...that was one of those free things from Starbucks. Me: I am going to start actually picking them up from now on.

PS...I think I need to start giving some of those Mexican Wrestling masks as Christmas gifts....just not to my children.

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