Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There's no place like home....

20th anniversary 211So Frd and I got some interesting news the other day. The resort that we have gone to for the past several years is being divided into two.

We had heard that once upon a time the Adventura Spa Palace was once two “palaces.” One was sports themed (the Adventura part) and the other was the Spa. Because of this, they each had their own lobby. The sporty lobby has pool tables and ping pong, one REALLY good restaurant (another that is mediocre at best) and a disco. The other has…THE SPA!...and two amazing restaurants. Fred and I have really enjoyed the dichotomy of the resort. The sporty part has always been the “louder” of the two and the spa side where you go when you want to have a nap and some quiet time.

Now, the resort will once again be two…but…and here is the kicker…Children will be allowed on the Sporty side!

Part of me is thrilled by this!!!! We could bring our children! We could spend most of the day with them on the sporty side and then Fred and I could have some quiet time while they were otherwise occupied at the Kids Club! Fred and I could have a salad with them at dinner and then go off to the quiet “adults only” portion of the hotel for our own meal.

Fred was quick to point out the downside of this. When we are sitting by the pool with our own children, we will get to hear the screaming of everyone else’s children. And what kind of parents would we be if we spent a portion of the day AWAY from our children? He has a point. Besides, he says….it is OP… “Our Place.” Not the family’s place. There should be some things that we don’t share with our children. After all, we started going on couples vacations to get away from our children and strengthen our marriage.

The jury is still out as to what we will do. I guess we will figure it out when it comes time to book our next Mexican vacation….which is 10 months away! We also have to decide if it will be with the children or adults only. So there will be many decisions along the way.

It does make me a bit sad that things change so often. My last year or so has been filled with change and it just doesn’t seem to ever stop. I understand things change, but it is always nice to know that there is something you can return to that is wonderful and just the way you remember it. That is what this place has been for us. When you walk in and your concierge says “Bienvenidos…Welcome Home” Fred and I always break into a smile…and then accept the glass of champagne that is being handed to us.


There is no place like home. L

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