Friday, May 3, 2013

Lessons learned in mockery

I confess, I am not always a nice person.

Sometimes I am downright mean.  At least in my head.  I am still polite enough not to verbalize the sarcastic slings and arrows that zip around my brain.

One of the recipients of my mocking thoughts have been those moms who get all upset as their kids leave the nest. 

Me...I would joke with my kids: When you leave? This (their bedroom) becomes the media room.  I am going to paint the walls a dark forest green; have reclining leather seats and the big screen?  That goes right there .

I was serious.

Now as my 18 year old prepares for his Eagle Ceremony, Graduation and moving 3.5 hours away to college, well, I am singing a different tune.

Seriously, I understand that successful children who transition into productive, independent children is a good thing. It actually means that Fred and I did our jobs correctly, and have raised functioning adults.

But still. I have been a bit weepy. 

Like right now.

< 12 yo Freddy in the middle putting on his scarf>

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nomadtraveller said...

The weepy bit lasts quite a long time I'm afraid. Right through the redecoration and garage sale phase.