Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So...what have you been doing lately?

You know I thought when I was done with my dissertation, I would have all of this free time.

It didn't work out exactly like that.

I am a part of the Texas Library Association, one of the biggest state organizations in the country.  I am involved in both the Young Adult Round Table (YART) and the Children's Round Table (CRT) which is of course a whole lot of fun. Work, but fun.

This past year I served as the Chair of CRT.  You know how sometimes your idea of something and the actuality of something are very, very far apart? That was what this was like.  I thought that I was going to be doing some decision making things, head some meeting, etc.

That is not what happens.  What happens is you plan the programs for your conference that year. 

So I have spent the last year coming up with ideas for conference programs that people might want to see.  Then I found speakers to speak on the topic, and moderators to keep the conversation going and presiders to make sure the room was set up properly and everything was going according to plan.

Oh, and there are contracts, and niceties like gifts that need to be awarded.

One of our events was an author breakfast, which meant creating a program and centerpieces. More on that in a bit.

So...that is what I have been up to lately.

I am going to post in detail on some of the events we had and some of the high and low-lights of the conference.

In the meantime I am still trying to adjust to life without a three page list of things to do.

I am sure I will remedy that, and quickly.

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nomadtraveller said...

I'd be interested to hear about your work. I have a great respect for my local library and its staff, but there are quite a few differences and I don't know anything about the round table thing. I've been away for a good month, so am now trying to catch up . . .