Monday, May 6, 2013

TLA and Phantom Limb Pain....

Are you tired of hearing about TLA yet? 

I guess I really didn't say all that much about it, and I still have to post the photos I took of my panels.

But I wanted to discuss something else today. 

Why every morning at 2:30 I bolt upright in bed thinking: Oh My GOD!  I forgot to....."fill in the blank!"

Every morning since TLA.

I know this has been on my mind for some time and it will take me a while to "get over it."

Can you have post traumatic stress syndrome over a life event?


nomadtraveller said...

I assume TLA is a three letter acronym? Don't know how serious this is, nor why phantom limbs come into it, but I should have thought the answer was 'yes' to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Since you develop the condition after a traumatic event, it is probably not possible to classify what the trauma is - it is simply what caused you trauma. But I don't know what the event is you're referring to.

MariannetheLibrarian said...

Hey Neil!

Texas Library Association...and I was responsible for planning the Children's portion of the conference.

We had 6200 people attend the conference which was held three weeks ago here in Fort Worth.

I scheduled 16 programs, including a large breakfast honoring an author.

We had 89 speakers. It was busy and fun with a lot of details.