Sunday, November 9, 2008

A dark Tale of Pokeno, a wtich candle and enternal torment!

So, I mentioned that I help Pokeno at my house last month and my friend Laurie commented that she was going to come by and steal my witch candle. Ha! Like she could. First of all, she is in Indiana and missed very much. Secondly...I stole it from her fair and square.

In case you don't recall, you get to steal gifts during the second round of Pokeno. Laurie and I went back and forth stealing the Witch candle...but as you can see by the went home with me.

I even got some new little friends for her to hang out with.

Laurie...Neener Neener! :-%%%%%%

PS..I have to store the "hat" candles in my master closet...since they would melt in the attic with the rest of the Hween stuff.

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