Thursday, November 6, 2008

You might be a librarian if....(stolen from an email sent by my friend Jennifer!)

You might be a librarian if:

You compulsively reshelve items and straighten shelves when browsing at Barnes and Noble

Ok...I do not do this....mostly because there are no spine labels on the books.

You alphabetize your spice rack (and everything else) should see my spice area. It lives with my over the counter medicines...and is a mess....

You own more cardigans than shoes

Define cardigans? The group? No...I do own lots of sweater twinsets, but not a lot of cardigans.

You own cats named "Ernest, "Kerouac," or "Flannery"

I have a cat named can pick your reference...Star Wars, or as in II Society.

You have a secret desire to be a bookcart drill team

Those people kind of scare me.

You know the Dewey Decimal System by heart

Nope...but I do know a great deal. spend your days surrounded by something and not absorb it!

Nancy Pearl is your idol and you own her action figure

Guilty. Photo to follow....

You go on vacation and visit other libraries

See the blog photo. Look familiar?

You don't have a Netflix account and borrow all of your music and movies from the library instead

I just ILLed Surname Viet First Name Nam today!

Your home library has just as many books as a small public library

Nope...we have rules about that. The only books I keep at my house are my orphans.

You were totally blogging and social networking before 2003


You read banned books

This goes without a matter of fact I wore my "I'm with the Banned" shirt today to workout.

You can kick everyone's butt at Scrabble

Well...not everyone's. I have a lot of librarian friends!

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