Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Night

Yes, I know. This is late. But I still wanted to tell you about it.

We live in a great neighborhood for Halloween! Many of our neighbors dress up and decorate their houses. One house, a block over, has a graveyard with moving bits in their front yard. They have a storage rental just so they can keep everything. The head roasting on the BBQ spit is my favorite. Other houses have their teenagers on the roof with chain saws, and chains.

The house cattycorner to us had a grim reaper, 11 feet high posted in his front yard like a scarecrow for weeks before Halloween Night. He also had a creepy clown sitting on his front porch. Then on Halloween Night he would climb inside one of the creatures and chase people half way down the block (if he was the reaper) or if he was the clown, he would put the bowl of candy in his clown lap and wait for people to make a grab for the candy before blinking or grabbing them.

Like I said, we live across from them and Fred and I just sit back and watch the show.

This Halloween, our friends who live in the "big house" neighborhood decided to come by and hand out candy with us. (They don't get any trick or treaters).

I opened up my car windows and put Sirius radio on. They had a "Haunted House Noises" channel so we cranked up the volume...sitting in the driveway on camping chairs, drinking beer. We watched kids go by and chatted with them about their costumes etc. Some neighbors stopped by and we chatted some more. We handed out about 12 bags of candy...probably $60 worth. We even sent Mad to the store to by more.

There were some interesting costumes. But of all of is the scariest. Are you ready?

hweensoup 001

I hate the king!!!

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