Friday, November 21, 2008

Takes me back....

I think we all have certain songs that immediately take us back to a particular time and place. The song Fred blogged about not too long ago by Green Day (Time of your life) has, in my head, been retitled "the chemo song." We used to hear it all the time on our way back and forth to the Hospital. Fred doesn't remember the song as being association to his illness at all.

Right now, I'm at work, listening to Sirius online and this song comes on. I think the song is pretty good, but the opening whistling thing is that part that makes me smile. When I hear this, I am waiting in the customs line to get into Mexico. The line was long, but I didn't care. Fred and I had two weeks of doing nothing ahead of us and we both really needed it. Someone was passing the time by whistling the opening bars of this over and over again. I didn't have this song on my iPod before we left for Mexico, but I did afterwards.

It is hard to imagine that it has been over a year since our anniversary trip and it will be almost another year before we get to go again (311 days, but who is counting) is the song.

PS...What are we going to do if River gets high speed? We will be down another thing to blog about and tease her about. Maybe we should pettition the cable company to make sure she stays out of the "loop!"

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