Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trial and Error

So, my very good friend Tiffany, is having a birthday on Wednesday. I happen to know that her favorite cake in the world, is red velvet. I am a very good cake maker...especially when it comes to the kind in the box, so I thought I would make her some cupcakes for her birthday and bring them to her in a pretty cupcake stand...which is her actual birthday present.

Plan A:

Hhhmmm. Did you know they don't make boxed mixed of red velvet cake? At least none that I could find readily available.

Plan B:

Scratch. I did my research. Looked up recipes. Found out some interesting things. Some of them called for crisco. I crossed those off the list early on. Shortening is just bad bad bad. I found another interesting ingredient...but it appeared in many of the recipes, so I am taking their word on it. Vinegar!

I also looked at the comments people made on the recipes. They all agreed that it needed more cocoa powder.

I made my notes and went to the store.

Now, I have learned lessons the hard way in I thought I would do a trial run. I start getting the ingredients out this afternoon.

Rats, forgot the buttermilk.

Went back to the store.

Got home and went back to work.

Rats...I don't have any vinegar.

I send Owen down the street to borrow some from my neighbor, Karen. She isn't guess what? Back to the store.

Guess who I run into at the store? Karen!

Got home and put the last ingredient, the vinegar into the wet bowl.

Uh Oh....I used the Tablespoon. It only needs a teaspoon.

Call Fred and ask him to pick up a small bottle of RED FOOD COLORING. Yes, I said a bottle. I had to explain to him that it required a whole bottle, 1 oz of RED FOOD COLORING, and yes, they sell it at the store.

When he came home I emptied the whole bottle into the cake batter and finished the recipe once and for all.

Fred was playing with my timer though...and the tops have a little stiffer in texture than I would like. Here they are....

hween red velvet 006

I used this recipe.

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