Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dirty Jobs and a life lesson

Dirty Jobs,, in case you haven't seen it, is a show on the Discovery Channel where Mike Rowe gets to do some of the dirtiest jobs out there. Been a totally gross show, my boys, including Fred, just love it. We have watched this guy crawl through sewers, spray for roaches and remove sperm horses and bulls. Ugh.

Today, as I was cleaning out the car, I came in for a breather and some air conditioning.

Mike Rowe was working with a wrecking crew this week, knocking down walls, etc. He paused to talk about the people passing by this soon to be demolished building, on their way home from "clean" jobs. He mentioned that one woman was stressed at work and was getting married the following week. He said she was end the end of a frayed rope. So they invited her up to the building and allowed her to throw brick through glass windows and then let her sledge hammer some walls. After a little while she was feeling much more relaxed.

Rowe closed by stating that the people that worked for the wrecking company were very laid back, stress free people.

Some days I think I need to get a physical job. Or.....I could just go to the gym. Not quite the same, but hey, I think I may have a hard time breaking in to the world of demolition.

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Shawn said...

Hi Marianne, that's a nice post about Dirty Jobs and the stress-free work life! It seems like you and your family seem to really enjoy the show...

I wanted to give you a heads up. There's a brand new Dirty Jobs special airing as part of this year's Shark Week! It's going to be about Mike Rowe's quest for the mysterious Greenland Shark and airs on Tuesday, July 29th, at 9PM. Shark Week starts a few days earlier, on the 27th at 9PM, though.

I hope you don't mind me messaging you like this... it sounds like you and your family are fans of the show so I figured you'd like to hear about the special. Feel free to contact me for more info, and have a great day!

Shawn Grover