Thursday, June 12, 2008

Takes a washing and keeps on Moshing

Sorry to subject you to this title, but I wanted it to be catchy.

Two years ago, we purchased the iPod Shuffle for both of our sons. I remember being upset since the only "generation" of the Shuffle I could purchase was the clip on version. As soon as I saw the 1 inch square of nanotechnology I knew that one of them was going to end up in the washing machine, still clipped to the color of someone's shirt, or on the belt-loop of their jeans. I was even thinking about starting a household pool to see how long it would last. (My money was on Freddy before 6 mos had passed.)

I would have lost the pool. While they little things got misplaced in the cushions of the sofa and various other placed, not one ended up in the washing machine.

Feeling a little more confident we upgraded the boys iPods to the new chubby Nanos. I was jealous. Now the kids had double the song capacity I did, but hey, they were cute and I could buy a different color for each of them so there were no arguments about whose was whose.

Guess what I found in the wash? You got it! The Nano. The silver one. Freddy's. I knew it...I was just off a year! (and out an additional $100.00!)

I reported the sad news to Freddy and he was remorseful. My only consolation was that maybe I would get a newer larger iPod in the next year and I might pass on my retro nano to him.

Guess what?


More and more I think of buying an Apple really do have to admire their products, don't you?

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