Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer of Sequels - Ranger's Apprentice

This started out as one blog, but as it grew to four pages in Word, with still more to go, I thought I would break it up a bit.

Ranger’s Apprentice (series) by John Flanagan

Will has always lived in the castle and grown up with the same group of friends; but now that they are coming of age, they need to find future careers. Brought before the king and his aids, one by one all of the children are chosen into apprenticeship…except for Will. When it comes to him, the Ranger, spy for the kingdom, merely whispers something into the King’s ear and hands the King a note. Will knows there is something on that piece of paper that has to do with him, but how will he find out what it says? Late that evening, Will sneaks out of his bed and manages to scale the building into the King’s office. Just as he is about to find out what was written on the paper, a light goes on. It was a trap…set just for him. Turns out someone wants Will as an apprentice after all!

Both my son Freddy and I have read and love this series. Freddy did have something to say about the latest book and the possibility of a budding romance.

Here they are in order....
Ruins of Gorlan
The Burning Bridge
Icebound Land

Battle for Skandia

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