Friday, June 27, 2008

I was "this" close.....

So, Fred's birthday is coming and Father's Day has just past and I came up with the perfect gif. I saw something and I made arrangements and then told Fred to mark his calendar. We had plans for Sunday the 29th.

This was a month ago.

He has been stumped all this time.

Until tonight.

Fred and I had dinner at Big Daddy's (the hole in the wall restaurant Madelaine works at on the lake) then went out on the lake and went back for dessert and to settle our bill. While we were sitting there shooting the breeze with some of the other customers and the owner, they were talking about seeing Spam-a-Lot at the Bass Performance Hall in Ft. Worth.

Fred was chatting with them and said..."So Spam-a-lot is in Ft. Worth?" then his head whipped around and looked at me with a big sh8t-eating grin on his face. One look was all he needed. He turned back to them and said..."Guess where I am going this weekend!"

This was the closest I have ever gotten to surprising Fred. He has an uncanny way of sniffing my plans out.

So...Fred and I are going to see Spam-a-lot this weekend, with his birthday brother Shedrick (Pencil Neck Geek) and his lovely wife, my friend Amy. I am sure it will be a fun night...even though it is no longer a surprise.

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