Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer of the Sequels - Keys to the Kingdom

This started out as one blog, but as it grew to four pages in Word, with still more to go, I thought I would break it up a bit.

Keys to the Kingdom (series) by Garth Nix

I love this series, but I have to admit, the first book of this series takes a little bit of setting up. Here is the premise: Once upon a time the designer of the Universe, the Architect, decided to step down as its ruler. She (yes, she) divided the kingdom into 7 realms and fashioned a key to each kingdom. She laid out all of the directions for her plans in the “Will.” Then she vanished.

The 7 holders of the keys to the kingdom decided they did not want to give up their rule, so they hid the will away in a far off location.

The first chapter of Mister Monday, the first book, describes how a piece of the will, animated and personified, escapes. This creates turmoil in the houses! Mister Monday devises a plan. He will give his key away to a dying human, and then take it back. That way he has obeyed they letter of the law, but still retains his kingdom. This backfires when Arthur Penhaligon, almost dead of asthma attack, becomes stronger and somewhat magical once he has the key in his hands. Not only does he live, but he keeps the key! The freed piece of the Will finds him and declares him the rightful heir to the kingdom and the quest is on.

Over the next several books, Arthur adventures through the week, claiming keys and helping those around him. Each of the kingdoms is a day and each of the key holders’s a vice. It is a well drawn out series with something for everyone.

Mister Monday
Grim Tuesday
Drowned Wednesday
Sir Thursday
Lady Friday

Superior Saturday

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